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Locally Sourced Fresh Food Showstoppers

Letting the ingredients do the talking for a dish, is a simple yet successful philosophy for the culinary professionals who are behind every menu item created by Austin’s.

For several years, Second Nature Charitable Trust has partnered with Austin’s Food Design Events and just in time for winter, Austin’s has moved its full kitchen from Mt Eden to our South Auckland home.

Austin’s director, Alex Weatherhead says food transforms the ordinary to the unforgettable.

“As much as conference delegates and event guests are inspired by presenters and workshops – the food is a pivotal part of every occasion,” says Alex.

“The autumn and winter menu has just been released and we’ve concentrated on using fresh seasonal ingredients.”

The chef’s take pride in producing ingredient-driven menus and cooking with seasonality improves taste, price and sustainability.

Catering with Local Seasonality

Austin’s is building its list of local food growers and suppliers – exploring Pukekohe for fresh produce and Manukau for specialist ingredients.

The new executive chef, John Nicholson says Austin’s latest menu balances lots of flavour with ease of eating, which is especially important for events.

“Specific menu items embrace modern culinary form, with a nod to popular Kiwi fusion cuisine,” says John.

“We have a fantastic menu with the ingredients as the star performers!”

Right now, chicken gnocchi is giving people’s taste buds a treat.

Flexible Food Culture

The fresh approach to food design is enhanced by Austin’s ability to remain flexible.

John works with clients to accommodate out of the ordinary request that set the theme and food culture for an event.

“Now that Austin’s is located at Vodafone Events Centre I can be involved at the earliest stages of planning,” says John.

Almost anything goes – whether a client wants a street food theme or multiple course formal dinner.

International Chefs

In the heat of the kitchen, chefs with global experience add diversity to the menu.

The multi-cultural team reflects the community that is embraced by Second Nature Charitable Trust and the dishes they create, reflect the taste expectations of guests.

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