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Rapid Start for the CEO

Impressively within a few weeks on the job, our new CEO David Comery learnt that wearing a suit to work can mean it will be made of rubber rather than fine grade wool.

It started out as an innocent observation of a health and safety exercise with the Vector Wero Whitewater Park team and before David knew it he was thrown into the rapids for a swim.

“I thought they were joking when they told me to get into a wetsuit, but they really meant it,” says David.

“Swimming the river was great fun but afterwards it felt like I was blowing out water for days.”

It hasn’t all been white-water excursions for David since his handover with Second Nature Charitable Trust’s departing CEO Richard Jeffery.

Meeting and Greeting

A steady stream of meetings with business stakeholders, staff members and the board has introduced David to one element of the charitable trust organisational structure.

“I’m coming to terms with quite a different business model and now, I’ll be meeting community stakeholders. They are paramount to our trust.”

David is about to launch into a circuit of local board meetings to learn more about the significance of local bodies and to introduce himself to these community leaders.

The People and the Place

“Richard built a formidable team at Second Nature Charitable Trust and they have been most welcoming and are assisting me to understand the business flow.”

He describes Richard as a trailblazer backed up by a solid group of loyal, dedicated people.

During David’s first two months the Events Centre has hosted a number of significant events, conferences and shows so he has experienced the buzz and unique operational demands of the venue.

“It is a considerably different scale with a much larger footprint here, in comparison to the hotel sector from which I have come even at a specialist meetings venue like Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre.

“Empty – Vodafone Events Centre is impressive. Full – it’s very impressive.

“The size and nature of such a venue demands special skills quite different from the fully integrated hotel business.”

Working Together

Maximising the strength of collaboration between all stakeholders, staff members and the organisations within the Momentum Hub is on David’s radar.

“We want everyone to share ideas and energy, ensuring none of us duplicates efforts. This is definitely an area we can build on.”

Opportunities for Growth

It would be a folly to assume that the departure of Richard meant the job of developing Second Nature’s asset was done.

“Very soon, exciting new ventures that complement the white water outdoor education model will add to the challenges for our clients.”

David’s first two months have raced by with his time invested in extensive learning and forward planning.

It looks likely that he will be knocking off for Christmas before he has time to blink.

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