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A New Beginning

When Vodafone Events Centre rings in the New Year, it will be with Angharad Sturrock as our new General Manager Events.

“I’m excited to join the team,” says Angharad, “to work on its successes and push the boundaries.” She aims to build a team environment that is collaborative and creative, with a strong can-do attitude and everyone working together to meet expectations – even exceed them. Her solid background in Hospitality and Events ushers in a dynamic, welcoming and responsive approach to the demands of the industry.

She is a big believer in establishing relationships and will always endeavour to have a phone conversation, if not a face-to-face one. With an empathetic approach and a knack for developing rapport, her goal is to deliver requirements by establishing clear expectations right from the beginning. “I would say, ‘Yes, we can do this,’ or, ‘We can’t do that, but can we do this instead?’ Honesty is much better. And I don’t like to say no unless I have to.”

She recalls her first job as a pot washer, 16-hour shifts as wait staff, restaurant manager, eventually moving on to event coordinating and management. She’s worked her way through almost every operational role, except the kitchen – “Because I just can’t cook,” she chuckles. But she values every single role – they’ve all helped her prepare for this and gave her important knowledge and insight from different perspectives of operations.

“I’m excited to be part of a place that supports the community, that does good for the community. I’ve heard only good things about the centre and the team.”

We’re excited to have her on board too!

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