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Badjelly the Witch

Live Theatre 

Badjelly the Witch, the much-loved, utterly loony Spike Milligan classic, is this year’s Glow Show! The brilliantly nonsensical tale is being entirely reimagined with the unique Glow Show treatment. The Glow Show’s utterly original mash-up of science, puppetry and music is a glorious experience for children and this year it will be a wonderfully nostalgic event for adults.


The goofiness of Bare Bottom Land, the giggle-inducing catch-cries like “knickers, knickers, knickers!”, and the larger than life characters of Badjelly are set to bring a little fright and lots of fun!


Session Times

  • Friday 27 September, 10:30 AM

  • Friday 27 September, 11:00 AM


For more information and to register for seats to these shows please book here.

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