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Ballet In A Box 

Dance   |  Years 0-6

Ballet in a Box is a magical introduction to the world of ballet for school children. These Royal New Zealand Ballet FREE 60 minute performances feature an hour of dance highlights and the chance to ask lots of questions.


We are pleased to offer free dance workshops to groups attending these performances. Incorporating elements from the performances these workshops at your school are a wonderful way to get your students dancing in a relaxed and comfortable environment. No previous dance experience required!


We also have a relaxed performance of Ballet in a Box available, which includes a sensory-friendly environment with NZ Sign Interpreter. This performance features a more casual approach to the front of house etiquette and to noise in the auditorium. Best suited, but not limited to those on the autism spectrum, with special needs or other sensitively issues who are looking for a comfortable environment to enjoy the performance. The aim of this performance is to minimize patron's anxiety and to ensure their time in the theatre is safe and enjoyable. 

"Our students were absolutely enthralled for the first few minutes of the performance. It was really moving to see them watching with such amazement and their applause was so genuine. They LOVED the workshop at school." - Jess Lee, Teacher, Birdwood School

"Great experience for the students and staff! If was such a treat to be able to watch some of New Zealand's best dancers." - Reta Pehi, Teacher, Red Hill School

"Students really enjoyed the entire experience, and especially enjoyed meeting and having photos with the dancers after the performance." - Robert Forster, Teacher, Oaklynn Special School

Registrations are now closed, 2024 is fully booked.

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