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Māori Myths by the Sandman Episode 1

The Māori Creation Story is told in English. If you would like to share this resource with colleagues, please ask that they fill up the simple registration form found here, and please include the estimated number of students who will view the resource for educational purposes. This will only be used for our reports to sponsors and stakeholders.

The Māori Creation Story

In the beginning Ranginui (the Sky Father) and Papatūānuku (the Earth Mother) were joined together, and their children were born between them in darkness. One of their children decided to separate their parents, to also allow light to come into the world. After this, the children became gods of various parts of the natural world.

Te Reo

To view the second episode,"How Māui Tamed the Sun," click here.

To view the third episode,"Te Ika a Māui," click here.

To view the fourth episode, "The Stars of Matariki," click here.

To view the fifth episode, "How Māui found the Secret of Fire" click here.

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