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Moovit Dance Project - Chopin Remixed

The Moovit Dance Project 2017 is an electrifying fusion of classical, traditional and contemporary music and dance. Dancing to remixed music of Frédéric Chopin, Onehunga High School students will hit the stage on August 10 to present an exhilarating dance event.


It is a unique project created by students for students which blends spectacle and learning for both performers and attendees alike. The programme is under the watchful eye of Pagan Dorgan, Royal New Zealand Ballet’s Dance Educator, and Richie Cesan, crew member of IDentity Crew, one of the country's top hip hop dance crews.  Masterpieces of Chopin have been given a different groove and remixed by school alumni Eugene Teulilo with a special track mix by Kiwi artist/musician MC Tali.

The matinee will end with a Q&A session where the audience can interact with performers and ask about their experiences, challenges and successes. 

The remixed files composed for the show will be made available to download for free after the event.

The school matinee is free to attend so book online today!

Moovit Dance Project Class of 2016

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