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Whetū and Nick:
The Quest for the Map, the Kite and the Sacred Maunga 

Drama   |  Years 1-9

In line with the 250th year commemorating of the arrival of James Cook and the Endeavour's 1769 voyage to Aotearoa New Zealand.

250 Years ago, in 1769, James Cook sailed the HMS Endeavour, navigating and drawing an extraordinary map of New Zealand, a map so accurate that it is still cherished today. But what if this map was blown away by the mischievous Māori god of weather Tāwhiri-rangi?


Whetū & Nick tells an original tale of a young Māori girl and a British orphan cabin boy who set out in search of Cook’s map, a flying kite and the sacred maunga (mountain). Along the way they discover their cultural differences and similarities, their people’s voyages and their shared love of Aotearoa.  Their young lives will take a momentous turn as they go through the forest and find themselves atop the sacred maunga.

Whetū & Nick is a fun, educational, dual language performance with a script written in both Te Reo and English. Along with historical references, it will show the two different methods of navigation used by the ancient Polynesians and Capt James Cook in animation.

Whetū & Nick is a two-man act and live performance led by Akinehi Munroe (Shortland Street) and Steven Glyde. It is presented by Vodafone Events Centre and an amazing team led by Margaret-Mary Hollins (Director), Trae Te Wiki (Co-creator), Mike Hudson (Playwright), Juneea Silbury (Te Reo Māori Translator), Poppy Serano (Set Designer) and Tim Williams (Lighting Design).

Whetū & Nick is supported through the Ministry of Education’s Learning Experiences Outside The Classroom (LEOTC) programme in line with Tuia Encounters 250, the nationwide 250th year celebration of the first meetings between Māori and Europeans during James Cook and the Endeavour's 1769 voyage to Aotearoa New Zealand.

Bookings for this show are now closed.

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