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Vodafone Events Centre can now officially host multiple events of 100.

The iconic event centre has three separate venues: the Sir Noel Robinson Conference Centre, the Sir Woolf Fisher Arena and the BNZ Theatre. Each venue can be accessed through different gates, and they have their own building entrances, toilets, and parking lots. They can be closed off from other gatherings to ensure guest safety.

The event centre already had its first same day, multi-room event. “We were very pleased with how the day ran overall,” said Angharad Sturrock, General Manager Events. “The client was very impressed. The Events Team created floor plans based on the new social distancing protocols and it was great to see it executed properly. Multi-Media Systems, our AV partner, set up a live streaming webinar that fed to the three other spaces.”

The government through NZ Major Events released an update that allows venues to hold simultaneous meetings and events in “defined spaces.” This provision is intended to allow multiple groups of 100 to be present at an event, where they are clearly separated. The person in control of the defined spaces must have systems in place to ensure that the separate gatherings do not intermingle.

If you require greater capacity and flexibility for your events, contact Vodafone Events Centre at 09 976 7777 or email

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