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Dynamic Sound and Light Upgrade

The Sir Woolf Fisher Arena at Vodafone Events Centre has a new state-of-the-art truss system that allows us to host an even wider range of shows.

Roheet Charam, Multi-Media Systems operations manager

“In 2005, the original triangular tri-truss system was installed, and it was pretty good for its time,” says Roheet Charam, Multi-Media Systems operations manager.

“But a lot of the events that are put on these days need a completely different setup and the new design can handle anything.”

Roheet says the new setup is a square box-truss system which can support much more audio-visual equipment.

“It’s industrial standard, the strongest you can find, so it can take a lot of weight.

“It’s designed for stuff like lighting, LED screens and line array speakers. A lot of people want to put ten speakers down each side, to cover the whole arena, and they are heavy, but this truss can hold it all.

“This time, the main thing we’ve done differently is to build two systems – a north and a south truss, which offers a lot of flexibility since they can be set up and adjusted independently.”

The north half of the arena can do one thing, and at the same time the other half can do something completely different.

“We’ve also put a wireless control system on the south side truss system, so you can lower and raise the whole thing with the push of a button, from the other side of the venue.”

Roheet says it took roughly four days to install the new truss system and there is already interest from new clients.

“We’ve had a couple of companies have a look so far, and they were very impressed.”

Multi-Media Systems are supply partners and their leading audio-visual systems are available to create anything from high-tech presentations to video conferencing.

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